Why jQuery Is The Most Broadly used JS Framework

Why jQuery Is The Most Broadly used JS Framework

By Ridham ModiJun 24,2023

Why JQuery Framework is Most Popular JSlibrary?


JQuery Framework is an ultra-fast, feature-rich, and flexible JavaScript library that makes things like HTML, AJAX, animation, and event handling convenient by using APIs that work across a range of browsers. With its unmatched flexibility and extensibility, jQuery has revolutionized the way millions of developers write JavaScript on a daily basis. Its powerful features and intuitive syntax make it a go-to choice for building dynamic and responsive web applications. As a result, jQuery framework has become one of the most widely used and trusted JavaScript frameworks in the industry today

There are multiple use cases of JavaScript, which include:

  • If you are extensively working with content management systems like WordPress Joomla
  • The development work includes plugins that are dependent on jQuery
  • If you are acquainted with jQuery, as it also makes development a lot easier
  • If your work consists of legacy codes
  • Your app and website caters to old and new browsers both

Below we have compiled six reasons why jQuery framework is widely used by developers worldwide :

1. jQuery framework amplifies simplicity

Around the globe, developers find JavaScript framework to be intuitive and accept that it has a slight learning curve. The JavaScript library is built on a simpler code compared to other libraries. It has open coding standards, and takes less time to deploy applications by taking advantage of simple syntax.

Developers don’t even need to be an expert in programming to create different web designs for a website build on jQuery. Someone who has spent hundreds of hours on testing CSS files will find easy and straightforward implementation on jQuery. Components of jQuery are easy to plug on websites.

2. jQuery works even when JavaScript is disabled

If somehow Flash is not installed on a browser, certain pages take an eternity to load and render incorrectly if at all. This provides a terrible user experience and forces users to flock away from the website. It also requires developers to spend more time developing for browsers that don’t flash plugins and players and adds to the cost of development.

However, by using jQuery, you can manually add the HTML DOM so that the content will be rendered even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser. By HTML DOM being always present, it delivers a great experience irrespective of the browser settings. This leads to lesser helpdesk tickets and a chance to deploy your resources at a better task.

3. Hassle-free integration with Visual Studio IDE

By using a Visual Studio extension called NuGet, it equips to adding, removing, and updating libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects which are using the Dot Net framework. Visual Studio supports the integration of the jQuery library with NuGet, and it activates the IntelliSense feature of Visual Studio, which provides access to jQuery methods and syntax without having to exit the code view.

Moreover, this is one of the best tools to work on a Microsoft-based Dot Net environment. Dot Net developers prefer NuGet. This is also one of the primary reasons why jQuery is quite popular with Dot Net developers as Microsoft encourages to use of jQuery both in mobile development and metro style UI apps.

4. jQuery can replace Flash

Flash developers are one of the most expensive developers worldwide, and there are very few people who still work on flash. As Flash requires a steep learning curve, intermediate developers are wary of it more often. However, using jQuery framework, which is free and only requires knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, can eventually save you cost and time. The jQuery library seamlessly integrates CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX – all of which are markup-based technologies that have always complemented each other perfectly. By leveraging the strengths of each of these technologies, jQuery enables you to create stunning web pages that are both functional and visually appealing

This also leads to an optimization strategy for your website, which can be easily maintainable compared to using specialized technologies like Flash. By using jQuery, you can achieve marvelous-looking sites to keep your audience engaged.

5. jQuery is ultra-fast

Leading search engine platforms like Google and Bing consider the factor of website speed as a critical element in SEO. For the same reason, every developer should keep their code concise, clean, and compressed for faster loading times. Various code compression tools offer to reduce the size of your code. However, if your site is coded with an HTML CSS base, you can make uniform adjustments to your code to reduce size.

Developers can make modifications across the complete site through one single central repository instead of searching through various folders and their structures. This is one of the advantages of CSS coding, which has been a mega success. If you are taking measures to improve the performance in the speed of a website, you can also consider loading only the necessary tags at the time of load event.

6. jQuery is SEO friendly

If you have developed an amazing site but have missed the basics of SEO on your website, your website might never rank on the search engines. It is essential to create websites by keeping Search Engine Optimization in your core development strategy. jQuery can be customized for search engines through various plug-ins available and helps the developer to create an SEO-friendly website.

By using the HTML5 jQuery combo, you can also load animations much faster and index them in multiple search engines.

7. Final Thoughts

  • The overall development is economical, and the jQuery library is free of cost.
  • It is lightweight, as jQuery renders all content at the client-side and reduces the wait time for server responses.
  • It also takes less memory compared to flash and leads to smoother playbacks and less errors
  • It works on each and every browser as HTML5 is cross-browser compatible, which works on mobiles, smartphones, Tablets as well as Apple devices and desktops.
  • The learning curve is easier when compared to old JavaScript. A new developer can learn jQuery comparatively fast.
  • Highly SEO-friendly and CSS3 compliant

If you are working on a project which requires you to be compatible on different platforms, including mobiles, smartphones, desktops, tablets as well as smart TVs, you should definitely develop your application on jQuery.The major component of using HTML5 will reduce the overall cost and effort of your development. The library provides stunning effects with little coding and will provide an engaging and interactive experience to all your users.

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