Complete Guide To Hiring Remote Resources 2023

Complete Guide To Hiring Remote Resources 2023

By Ridham ModiFeb 16,2023


The thought of opening a startup based on your excellent idea hits you. Great! But have you considered how you’ll hire developers to work on your project? It might be challenging for founders of new businesses to find and hire offshore developers. You are rushing into the market even though you still need a reliable source of income, established brand recognition, or a finished product. Some developers would rather work for a huge software business than join a startup. In this post, we will discuss the best ways to find and hire resources  for a startup and discuss the various employment models to consider.


Why is it Difficult for Startups to Find Skilled Developers?

If you are considering hiring a software developer, remember it is as difficult as finding the right people, but they may simplify the founder’s path. One of the most difficult tasks for a company is finding and hiring talented developers. As challenging as it was during the dawn of the Internet age, it remains so now. We were in 2022, so let’s talk about why it’s still hard to find programmers.

First, we’ll discuss startups’ difficulties when identifying and hiring competent developers.

  • Competition With Other Businesses 

The best employees are a goal for any company. Due to the scarcity of top-tier workers, competition is fierce among businesses. With competition from tech giants like Google and Microsoft, it may be tough for smaller businesses to find and employ top talent. Don’t stop reading this piece! Discover the secrets to making successful senior developer and CTO hires for your firm.

  • Unreliable Applicants

Hiring a software developer for a new company is sometimes a safe bet. Be wary of offering the position to someone who seems less than trustworthy or committed to the job or would use your business as leverage to negotiate a higher salary elsewhere. When running a business, every dollar matters, and everything available must be put into the company’s growth and development.

  • Inability to Assess 

Another major stumbling block when filling a tech position is the need for in-house technical experience. When assessing developers, the bar is sometimes lowered due to a need for more technical understanding. Ineffective recruiting increases opportunity costs for new businesses.  

  • High Wages 

When switching jobs, applicants anticipate a substantial income bump. Startups hiring developers sometimes need help meeting developers’ salary expectations. They can’t compete with bigger companies that have more expenditures, even with outside funding.

  • Reputation of Brand

Many new businesses need help attracting and retaining talented programmers because they have a weak ’employer brand.’ It’s natural for a new company to need more publicity and name recognition in the early stages. Even if your firm offers better terms and more interesting job opportunities, candidates will select a tech giant over you if they need to familiarize themselves with what you do.

How Hiring Skilled Developers Can Help Minimize Difficulties Faced by New Businesses?

There will be difficulties immediately, and every entrepreneur knows that. Nonetheless, issues might still catch you off guard, either because you need to prepare for them or because you need to figure out how to deal with them. The founders of a business may benefit greatly from having a few more sets of eyes on their work. Here are some major challenges that may be mitigated with the assistance of competent developers.

  • Failing to Plan

How many startups fail simply because their owners “forgot” to prepare is astounding. Maybe they planned, but they needed to remember something important. Development, personnel, skill gaps, etc., are not considered afterthoughts. The company’s creator’s business plan must include all of these points. When you have the proper developers on board for a new venture, they may use their expertise to assist you in figuring out how to deploy your personal best. These developers are great for startups since they can assist you in solving problems no matter what comes your way.

  • The Difficulty of Time Management 

Time is a scarce asset, just like everything else in life. Many things need to be done at a company, and if you aren’t used to setting priorities, you’ll have trouble getting everything done on time. You may benefit from hiring developers for your company if you do it wisely. Because they constantly juggle several tasks, developers are masters at time management. To organize their schedules and get things done, they use several methods. When managing your time effectively for your companies, you may rely on the advice and tools created by developers.

  • Dangers to Cyber Security

Since the target needs bigger organizations’ resources, startups are a common target of cyberattacks. The proper developers can give your startup’s data security the attention it deserves. This will protect your information and boost the startup’s bottom line and credibility. So, use caution while looking for a developer to join your firm.

  • Finding the Right Programmer for the Future

When your team size increases, you must ensure enough qualified developers to keep up with the workload. Startups may benefit from the advice and guidance of the developers they’ve already recruited, who will help them choose the best candidate for the job.

  • Management Issues 

The last thing you should anticipate receiving from a programmer is assistance with management. In contrast, they often provide an “out-of-the-box solution” to an issue that has stumped the company’s top brass. Their method of starting with the available tools usually leads them to the simplest one, which results in significant cost savings. So, take your time and be selective while looking for and hiring developers for your business.

How to Hire Developers for Your Startup?

You need a strategy when you need to hire developers for startups. You will only have to spend time doing necessary interviews or, even worse, employing the correct person. This article will walk you through the process.

Step 1: Define Your Organization’s Requirements

The kind of employee you need to recruit depends on the specifics of your business. Think carefully about why you think you need a developer in IT. Do you require developers to swiftly create a minimum viable product (MVP) for a new app concept you’re launching?

Alternatively, you may need iOS developers to help you launch an app for the Apple store. Even if a firm has a core development staff creating applications, it may still need specialists in emerging technologies. For instance, if your company lacks a data streaming expert in-house, it might be wise to hire one.

Your specifications determine the kind of programmers you need. This can help you choose where to look first and how much money you should budget for their service.

Step 2: Choose an Employment Structure

After you’ve figured out what your company requires, you may choose an appropriate employment arrangement for the outsourced developers. Yes, you are correct in saying that. You may choose from a few distinct paths.

A project-based paradigm is a good option if your endeavor is relatively small in scope. The fixed-price approach works well for projects with well-defined specifications. However, it must be more adaptable to accommodate projects with changing needs.

If you still need a clear vision for your product, the dedicated team model is the way to proceed. Your project will have its dedicated dev team, as the name suggests. Your startup will contract with the developers for an agreed-upon time frame.

Working with a dedicated group gives you more leeway to make changes. You may share your thoughts and get an immediate response from the group. In addition, there are no constraints on making adjustments along the way.

Step 3: Select a Hiring Country

Companies must find developers in the proper country. However, barriers to entry, such as language and time zone, might make certain nations more expensive than others. You should outsource to developers who are fluent in your language, skilled in their field, and don’t charge an arm and a leg.

Step 4: Know Your Financial Limits

It takes time to find qualified employees for new ventures. It’s challenging enough with limited means. Always keep a close eye on the finances. You’d want to bring on board trusted programmers, but they may not want to work for a business without compensation. They are expensive as well. If so, consider other IT businesses’ success with remote employment and outsourcing developers. The budget will accommodate the full cost of perks for remote programmers.

Step 5: Verify the Expertise of Developers 

Background checks are essential before employing outside help, whether independent contractors or an IT development firm. You must verify they can do the work and have the requisite experience.

Read the feedback posted by previous customers on freelancing sites before making any decisions. Get a list of their completed projects from them. It aids in the elimination of job applicants who do not possess the necessary qualifications for the position. Use the same criteria while looking for an IT outsourcing company. Check out the reviews left by former customers, and follow up with individual interviews. The LinkedIn profile of the firm is another good source of information about its standing in the market.

You should check the developers’ interaction, cooperation, anticipatory abilities, and technical knowledge.

Step 6: Have Interviews 

When hiring a software developer, how do you ensure potential employees have the necessary technical and interpersonal abilities? Interviews are the most effective method. Inquire about the applicants’ backgrounds working on similar projects. You can find out whether they care about their work.

Create a set of questions to assess how the applicant deals under pressure. Compare the candidates’ answers by going through the questions with them. It’s a useful tool for picking people who can handle pressure well.

Step 7: Start the work 

After interviewing the final applicants and deciding who should get the position, you have that option. Ensure that both parties have agreed upon all of the contract’s provisions. Give the developer a detailed list of what must be accomplished, and then give them the green light to go to work.

What is the Cost of Hiring App Developers?

Multiple factors, including the developer’s degree of expertise, the project’s complexity, and the developer’s location, affect the cost of hiring an app developer for a startup. A developer’s hourly pay might vary from $50 to $250 depending on their level of expertise. 

The average salary of a full-time developer, with perks and taxes included, is between $70,000 and $150,000. You can save money by hiring developers from other countries, i.e., outsourcing. 

Average Hourly Rates of App Developers

A general idea of how much it costs to hire an app developer to help you put together a realistic budget. The rates given below are a rough guide to the average hourly rates:

  • iOS developer: $45-$75 per hour
  • Android developer: $25-$85+ per hour
  • React Native developer: $25-$70 per hour
  • Xamarin developer: $25-$50+ per hour

Cost of Hiring an Android App Developer vs. an iOS App Developer vs. a Cross-Platform App Developer

According to Statcounter, Android apps are four times more than iOS apps. The reason is that Android apps are more flexible and easy to publish. However, iOS apps excel in performance and smooth and flawless UI/UX. 

Cross-platform applications are ideal for those business owners who want to target the audience on both platforms.

The average cost of hiring an iOS app developer is lower than that of an Android developer. The iOS applications take less time to build than Android ones. Have a look at the hourly rates below:

Glasier Inc is one of the top IT outsourcing agencies in India. We help business owners find and hire the top 1% of app developers from around the globe. 

If you plan to hire web and mobile app developers from India at affordable costs, you can check the hourly developer rates.


Cost of Hiring an Android App Developer


Cost of Hiring an an iOS App Developer


Cost of Hiring a Cross-Platform App Developer


Glasier Inc. is one of the top IT outsourcing agencies in India. We help business owners find and hire the top 1% of app developers from around the globe. 

If you plan to hire web and mobile app developers from India at affordable costs, you can check the hourly developer rates 

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What are the Advantages of Hiring Offshore Remote Developers for a Startup?

Many startup founders now prefer to outsource their development or supplement their existing remote development workforce rather than hire in-house engineers.

  • Availability of Skilled Professionals 

When you outsource, you are open to the small but potentially talented pool of people in your immediate vicinity. Instead, you’ll be able to pick and choose among the world’s top IT talent. A big pool of skilled programmers is available in Eastern European nations like Ukraine.

When you outsource, you can access top-tier personnel without making a permanent investment. Developers should be hired on a project basis due to the inherent risks of working with an early-stage firm.

  • Quicker Hiring

It is significantly easier to hire a remote developer via outsourcing. Suppose a developer is interested in working on your project. In that case, you only need to consider whether they have the necessary skill sets—no need to wonder whether they would be a good match for the company’s future.

  • Flexibility

It takes knowledge in many areas to create a fully effective app. To create a native mobile app, for instance, you need the expertise of both an Android and iOS developer. A backend developer is required to provide the supporting infrastructure.

Remote outsourcing allows you to choose developers with the right talents for the project. Since the duration of the contract is limited to the duration of the project, you should not worry about being locked into any ongoing financial obligation. When the workload increases, you can always hire additional developers.

  • Saves Money 

In contrast to hiring someone as a full-time developer, you won’t have to shell out money for their benefits, salary, computer, and other supplies in the case of remote developers.

As a bonus, outsourcing may save you money if you’re located in the United States or the United Kingdom. Hiring local IT experts is more costly than outsourcing work to developers in other nations. Eastern European developers may be hired for $25–$50 per hour, whereas those in Asia can be hired for $18–$40 per hour. There must be no drop in the quality of the final product.

  • Superior Knowledge and Expertise

Hiring developers with industry expertise improves a startup’s chances of creating a successful app. When you outsource, you can hire programmers with experience making applications like the one you need. It eliminates inexperienced workers’ potential blunders, which may impact the development schedule.

Final Thoughts 

Hiring developers is difficult for early-stage startups. Startup founders have little wiggle space when selecting a top-tier developer. We’ve shown the possible challenges and devised a plan to get the best programmer.

Glasier Inc is one of the best IT outsourcing agencies in India. We have you covered if you want to hire dedicated resources for your startup or enterprise business. 

Hire dedicated resources from Glasier Inc. at flexible hiring models suiting your project needs and budget.

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