Portfolios Overview

Enjoy high quality premium tea from Vagadia

Vagadia Tea connects tea lovers with best-in-class quality teas through an effective website execution and moving into an extended period of offerings to global tea lovers. This is how the exact design plan is imparted on their site, to expand their effect on giving well-being value while offering top value.

About Site

Other than expecting to convey their new vision, the actual site required a makeover. An obsolete plan and mind-boggling navigation and design left guests confounded, muddled, and coming up short on a full image of what Vagadia Tea is all about. The site visitors did not have to battle through to track down unambiguous data on the site, as a ton of valuable information is offered to bring terrible web optimization.

Standard Features

Subsequent to gathering the information from our meetings, reviews, and studies, our examination group investigated everything. We pulled from what we realized during our profound jump into information to work out the client experience (UX) with an interface (UI) for the overhaul making our features stand out.

The main thing we zeroed in on was making a new and more effective site map that improved admittance to the important information people was searching for.

The content procedure was key to guaranteeing simply state-of-the-art and pertinent SEO would stay on the site and assisted us with recognizing content holes that existed where modifications could be made.

Visuals permitted us to spread out the need for content on each page across the site, to guarantee an ideal client venture.

The site has been brought into shape by making use of HTML/CSS with code and improvement to the equivalent.

We were spreading out the webpage map as we were additionally mapping out the content for the updated site.

After the site guide and content technique were set up, the time had come to wireframe the construction of the site in a manner that is smooth and seamless.

As an extremely cooperative interaction, we gave an exact see at how the new site was organized and permitted us to emphasize quickly together to make an ideal client approach.

WP does leave an essential impact in making up a site as we needed a site that isn't simply engaging but even easy to use utilizing WP modules and gadgets.

Development Methodology

Approach We Adopted

When the primary arrangement was set up, we were prepared for the configuration as it is where things show some signs of life as we arranged the tones, pictures, text styles, and iconography that would best address this tea brand. For the textual styles utilized on the site, we picked inspiring font styles that gave a sign of approval for the hopeful vision sought by Vagadia over the long haul.

Site Pages

The variety we brought about with site pages comprises equivalent hopeful and comprehensive tones, being grounded in a radiantly brilliant variety and profound, colors. The branding utilized across the site shows the activity, development, and change that Vagadia Tea tries to bring while at the same time seeking after goal and global audience.

Client's Need

Indeed, even the activities we arranged during this stage helped deal with clientele needs for portability from the innovation side of things, as we decided to implement our custom site on a very easy-to-understand CMS. Everything was tweaked and organized on both the front end and back end of the site as our clients wanted to have the site new and modern.

Our Solution

The improvement of the webpages we developed for Vagadia Tea uses the most recent HTML/CSS and WordPress combo coded on a responsive system to guarantee an ideal encounter for site guests on gadgets of all sizes and shapes. It doesn't make any difference if somebody is visiting on a cell phone or a large screen - the site will stay simple to explore and consistent.