Portfolios Overview

UI Africa is an NGO under King Baudouin Foundation

Throughout the whole undertaking, we followed a coordinated scrum process, in which we worked with them in conjunction just like our other clients to integrate their criticism into the task while preparing the components and pages as we advance. This interaction permitted our group to test and get successful client feedback at the beginning phase with almost no setbacks.

About Site

In accordance with the practices, we developed the MVP variant of the site to have it all prepared to cater to general society, being a philanthropic foundation. As extra pages and segments were prepared to deliver, those were carried out with accuracy during the resulting trial runs of website pages as and when they went live. UI Africa has been excited about their new site since it finally had something to show to its site guests who were searching for philanthropic activities by getting engaged with the content on the site.

Standard Features

We keep on repeating, changing, and expanding the site dependency on the perceptions of how the site is being utilized. The site really is a no-nonsense expansion of the positive experience guests have shared about the utilization of the site which has been incredibly remunerating. We likewise expanded the website benefits on account of further website optimization.

Because of a top to bottom approach to developing a state-of-the-art site, our client has a cutting-edge and congenial site that conveys the main message or goal in a reasonable manner.

While assessing the past site, it was clear that the site was not a fair portrayal of what was being conveyed and we made it user-friendly to handle.

The site was extremely easy to use, the route was not at all befuddling, and we had a structure, assuming a key part in not making it obsolete.

The site is solidified making use of the HTML/CSS with code and improvement making it all count together.

With the clean turn of events and a straightforward route, their new site is permitting them to have a significantly more noteworthy effect than what previously had been.

We tracked down the fast development of the site keeping in account the social initiatives being taken, with a site configuration that is not obsolete, exhausting, and going random against the site.

The content was likewise easy to refresh in the minds without breaking the rhythm within the site.

WP has an impact in making up this site as we needed a site that isn't simply engaging but even easy to understand utilizing WP.

Development Methodology

Approach We Adopted

To refresh the visual allure of the site, we zeroed in on adding a tone, versus its past monochromatic design of high contrast. We likewise improved the site route and made it simpler for site navigation to make the refreshes via the CMS.

Site Pages

The data accumulated during our Client Experience helped us in building up a site exceptional on all fronts. We realized the main viewpoint was to distinguish who the clients are and afterward put forth a structure of the route in a way that would be natural to have the option to find the data they're searching for with negligible glitches.

Client's Need

Since the site is essentially instructive and drives individuals at the highest point further into the channel, we realized amazing looks and appeal would be one of the top reasons individuals came to the site. We presented fundamental CTAs across the site driving individuals to the undertakings where they could take a look at things to move across for their venture.

Our Solution

We helped even layman people to search for a specific sort of improved route design to make it extremely simple to deal with offerings to see what is being conveyed. Additionally, people could comprehend how is it reaching a maximum number of people as they are being a part of social initiatives as a whole with an extended appeal.