Portfolio Overview

A top technical training academy with loads to offer

Everything begins from getting perfect in terms of homepage appearance to having required course information made open to possible students with the site that is optimally used to genuinely push necessities. We keep into account the necessities of prospective students looking over a horde of courses to choose from. We expected to give a particularly well-built site with easy-to-look site pages having ease of navigation to look through the content.

About Site

The site is a consequence of a much-planned site by illuminating the Ui/Ux in a way so that the courses can be accessed with ease as students can visit the pages seamlessly. Notwithstanding, the site is intrinsic in a way both students and academy experts would see a site and connect with each other. It is predictable across pages essentially being less confusing and staying aware of a particular tech stack.

Standard Features

We assisted our so-called possible site visitors with a most high-level site assisting students and academy experts utilizing our website. Our improvement and extensive experience help experts and students are facilitated the site smoothly making it exceptionally less complex for experts to surf through.

Much time is spent in considering a site that features necessities of the affiliation between the academy and students offering how things are displayed through the site.

This is an ideal direct site with an extremely less number of CTAs present to a minimal level.

We guaranteed the site can be moved around totally through a fair utilization of information use and setup.

The site has consolidated the usage of HTML/CSS with code and improvements to the same.

We have the site facilitated to a degree with the objective that various parts of a site allow individuals to look at pages helping visitors to move around.

We most likely feel the site is not difficult to consume by site guests with a really less number of CTAs across pages.

The site is made in a way with an unequivocal objective such that academic experts or students can leverage full advantage of the site.

WP has played a pivotal role in making up this website as we wanted a site that is not just appealing but even user-friendly using plugins and widgets in WordPress.

Structure We Tried

Our essential goal has been to feature our Tops Technologies with an inconceivably simple-to-see site initiated towards making experts surf through the site with information open on each and every page. With the consistency of information responsiveness at each stage wherein, we ensure to have the site information is accessible to the best degree, so experts are told reliably.

Site Pages

Site visitors face basic trouble in consuming information on the site and we truly handle this issue with individual pages for giving clarity to the clients who can zero in on the site. Each page conveys a bewildering look and feels, making it more straightforward for individuals to frame through the focal new development, to make site pages easy to investigate.

Client's Need

Tops Technologies is a site that is on an exceptionally key-level data-driven plan across the investigated pages generally speaking. The site has content joining client interest with site experiences and an encounter stayed aware of best matches as indicated by the clients' questions pondering the experience, level, and information to be consumed.

Our Solution

We conveyed an outstanding site with an ordinary quality permitting us to interminably make and convey encounters speedier and that is just the beginning. With sharp contact points, students and experts can see around the site what to and where to look for the inside site with courses and information a lot of stuff around.