Portfolios Overview

Let go your inner stress with spiritual healing

The client needed a website to be versatile, adaptable, and simple for people to understand the whole concept of spirituality and spiritual healing to help them to stay up with the latest, so we decided to foster our special craft on top of state-of-the-art technologies. This enabled us to design and develop pages capable of effectively carrying on with SEO even in the future with the actual site.

About Site

The Swadarshana site is coded on a full-width, liquid matrix (versus a proper framework), which permits the content to responsively fill the screen on both huge and little gadgets. The spotless and proficient outcome effectively focuses our astonishing work as we have paid special attention to doing inside the expectations of clients to the fullest.

Standard Features

Since we started off, we engaged a methodology of expanded permeability on the web to assist the potential patients of our client in drawing in additional information to keep them glued to the website. Swadarshana clients initially came to us searching for assistance in keeping up with and refreshing their past sites. But on our suggestion, they were all set to have a brand-new site in place through us with scope for update and redevelopment, and we were there to take care of it.

Development Methodology

Approach We Adopted

With our examination and learnings close by, we were prepared to bounce into spreading out the procedure for the site. From what we gained from the investigation review, we could see that most of the traffic coming to the site was from people needing help mentally and thus we realized our methodology to focus on things.

Site Pages

We began our procedure by spreading out the site design. Since having the option to find data was one of the vital stumbling focuses for site guests, zeroing in on this previously appeared to be legit. Making a sitemap that coordinated the content or data regions on the site in a manner that would be natural for guests to explore got everything going with a strong groundwork.

Client's Need

After the procedure was set up, the time had come to start the form. The client did need a visual way of presenting things with their website for the first impression as soon as people land upon it. The current setup on their old site felt weighty, dull, and grimy and needed to carry new energy to the plan of the site.

Our Solution

We chose the right balance of text and imagery to use across the site that evoked a true-to-life feel and the pictures we got from the clients while they were treating patients on the site were literally spot on. Thus, we presented a more splendid, more enthusiastic match with a differentiating plan emphasizing a great deal of imagery variety backed by a brilliant foundation.