Portfolio Overview

Land up a job and set up a career in the UK using this portal

It is an application implied for all the job seekers' assistance helping them to have service accessible immediately related to available vacancies in the UK with only a couple of taps for quickly getting the right sort of jobs and get settle down in the UK. The application further sees the necessities and requirements to fulfil the gaps in the underlying job marketplace, with the app assisting with ease of use.

About App

The application assists in managing job seekers and recruiters to connect and get the necessary help related to applying or posting for jobs. The application takes care of both recruiters and job seekers with the most miniature taps for simplicity and comfort. It contains job postings, resume uploading, applying for jobs, checking candidate profiles or candidature, and much more.

Standard Features

There are many on-demand applications for jobs; however, only a few give the inclination to job availability and visibility. Things make this application valuable to look at with fantastical elements.

Right when the application gets set and rolling, job seekers are shown contact details and job responsibilities for the jobs available across industries.

The users of this application specifically job seekers can have their profile uploaded through straightforwardness.

Prepare and upload a textual CV anytime anyplace as per the requirements of the recruiter.

The application incorporates powerful code, giving shape to the iOS application. We did this by including Swift in the improvement stage allowing us to design an application for Application Store high on looks and execution fronts.

Dynamic assistance is presented in swiping through the available jobs simply by swiping them and saving a great deal of time looking for relevant jobs.

Find support with uploading a video CV as it helps individuals in front of a multitude of global companies to have a look at an interactive introduction.

Whether the user is a recruiter turned company HR or a job seeker turned employee, timesheets help both to keep track of how much work is done, attendance of work, duration of work somebody is searching for, etc. to keep track of the employee productivity.

The application includes the Android SDK stage to make code and give shape to an Android application. Since there are such an enormous number of applications present on the Play Store, creating an app that simplifies cooperation and is quick in use was critical.

Our Approach

With an idea for finding out about the choices, we have made the application to assist with fundamental expectations required while managing an application that ought to have the option to help with getting assistance in terms of getting jobs as quickly as possible since it's an everyday issue.

App Screens

Please glance at the different application screens inside the application, making it all possible to develop an on-demand job marketplace that assists with an ideal application offering everything.

Client Need

The client needed an overall application with many job-related offerings inside the application while accelerating the whole recruitment process to be completed immediately. They expected help related to routine job recruitment and management processes to benefit them such that things are accessible to both HR and to-be future employees to empower with the app.

Our Solution

There lacked everyday job-related assistance for job seekers and recruiters through a single app that can deal with both pre-and post-recruitment apprehensions and that too inside an application that smoothens out the evaluation on a fundamental level easily. We began with a one-on-one discussion to set up the right reason for making standard endpoints of a client met to ensure straightforwardness for all recruiters and job searchers.