The app means help users prepare for PLAB1 medical exams in order to be a doctor.

Our streamlined development aims to serve users with all the necessary resources for the preparation for the PLAB 1 exam.

About App

The app overcomes the shortcomings in preparing for PLAB 1 exams wherein potential users get access to video courses and other study material. The app covers a lot in terms of preparing for PLAB 1 with comprehensive coverage of all that is associated with the medical course.

The app further recognizes the necessities, fundamental basics, and various things related to PLAB 1. The application is such that helps with the preparation and conveyance of video material, books, and courses to prepare.

Standard Features

What were the functionalities we planned for the app? The app had to be built in a way so that it helps a user in going through all the study material and guidance related to PLAB 1, which is what exactly we did.

There are a number of things students can jot down while preparing for PLAB 1 exams.

In addition to video courses, users can download digital versions of PLAB books.

Simply book a one-on-one in-person course to get started learning about PLAB.

Tons of mock exams are available for users to test with their PLAB 1-course preparation.

Students can opt for already available video courses to make the process interactive.

If users want to connect to PLAB subject experts then they can do so via the app.


Development Methodology We Adopted

With an intention of learning about the project in detail, we allowed our clients to help us with a prompt and critical discussion with regards to how an app be brought about in place. This helped us in eliminating the chance of blunders associated with manual estimations and furthermore guarantee an ideal app bringing about an expanded number of users for better positioning as an education app.

App Screens

Have a glimpse at the various screens we made for the application making it all conceivable to prepare for PLAB 1 exams by navigating between courses, coaching, mock exams, and so much more.

Client’s Need

As an ed-tech client, we helped them to grab individuals who look for PLAB 1-related intellectual property and a lot of resources to study. They wanted something in the form of an app that has a lot to offer inside the app to speed up the PLAB preparation time, preparing for a test, and more.

There are so many underlying assessments and study materials to prepare for, which was a major concern for clients. They wanted to help with the accessibility of the entire PLAB course to prepare for the exam.

Our Solution

There was a dearth of requirements for a powerful app that smoothens out PLAB 1 assessment, and video course detailing was required. Nonetheless, it required something more than just the right app to succeed, and that is what we did achieve.

We started with a revelation to distinguish the study material, courses, exams, and expert mentoring played to push client preparation and recognize the actual boundaries of an individual. Through this app we guaranteed precision in assessment, allow various things to do with PLAB 1 prep eliminating the opportunities for blunders, and have a speedy comprehensive perspective on running tasks and preparation.