Portfolio Overview

Benefit from treatment or medicines available for animals on call

It is an application for all animal welfare help seekers expecting to have help available immediately with just a few taps for getting the proper medical help or attention. The application further sees the necessities and needs of animal lovers to go through the services necessary inside an application. The application is genuinely meant for animal lovers to go through the required services inside an application.

About App

The application truly helps deal with the potential users to get set go requiring the much-needed animal treatment or medicines for animals in case of an injury or a disease. The application does the job by not needing so many unnecessary taps but instead going through required fixtures only for ease of convenience. The application helps with not just going with ease of usability but also knowing where to tap precisely.

Standard Features

There are a lot of on-request applications, but only some of them give preference to animal security and safety. Things make this application helpful to glance at the remarkable features. Services are available for emergencies immediately. Users are shown helpline contacts and numbers for animal lovers nearby when the application gets set going.

At the point when the application gets set going, users are shown with helpline contacts and numbers for animal lovers present nearby.

The users of this application can have on-request vet visits through simple taps.

Order medicine anytime anywhere from nearby places in times of requirement or emergencies.

The application includes robust code, giving shape to the iOS application. We did this by involving Swift in the development stage permitting us to fabricate an application for Application Store high on looks and execution fronts.

Dynamic help is offered at any given time conceivable by the users with the objective that help reaches out to users at any time.

Get help with vet experts live on request on audio/video call if a personal visit isn’t possible.

Whether you are an animal help seeker or a vet doctor, ask questions as someone looking for help, or give answers to already existing questions as a vet expert for everyone to see.

The application involves the Android SDK stage to create code and give shape to an Android application. Since such a large number of comparative applications are present on the Play Store, it was significant to fabricate an application that makes the interaction simple and quick.

Development Methodology We Adopted

With a thought for learning about the decisions, we have made the application to help with essential deliverables required when dealing with an app that should be able to help with getting animal welfare help in a timely manner since it’s a day-to-day problem for most out there.

App Screens

Give a quick look at the various app screens inside the application making it all conceivable to avail of on-request animal help services with an ideal application offering it all.

Client’s Need

The client wanted an all-around app with a lot of services to be offered. They required something as an app offering tons of inside applications while speeding up services to be offered in no time.

There is a particular assessment enabling users inside the application to need help with animal attention services immediately. They expect help related to routine animal care services so that things are available close by or even far off to enable requests handled.

Our Solution

There was a deficiency of good day-to-day medical help for animals applications that can likewise handle too many service requests and that too inside an application that smoothens out an assessment on a fundamental level to manage. Notwithstanding the fact, the right application is expected to succeed and that is the very thing we achieved by making an application that procured the capacity of any kind of animal medical care services on the go.

We started with a one-on-one conversation to set up the proper basis for making standard endpoints of a client met. Through this app, we guarantee straightforwardness for all possible animal help seekers.