Portfolios Overview

OSCE for Children's Nurses is an app to prepare for the IELTS exam

The application shares an extraordinary arrangement of learning material for OSCE children's nurses by simplifying it for users to have a once-over and have as much information workable for the test. Similarly, as with many applications, we began this application with a start-to-finish investigation with our key client.

About App

During our gathering with them, we perceived their core values, their targeted party, a couple of sharp goals, and considerations for making the application truly easy to use. After the gathering, we headed an innovative drive to coordinate an assessment of the competitors. Including this as a catalyst, we made an outlook that was managing the application held obviously with material and assets, close by inspiration for tones, styles, and getting ready for the test.

Standard Features

Through our design and development cycle, we had the choice to zero in on the requirements of the business and which style we expected to use for the new brand. While pushing toward the UI/UX framework, we took our investigation and learnings and applied them further to our technique.

Students have the ability to easily find what they're looking for as counterfeit tests to have a genuine feel before the tests.

End users have the choice to investigate the video courses presented within to take care of the multitude of the test with inside and outside concentration on the latest course material present.

For individuals who are about taking assistance from proficient tutors or mentors, we coordinated this capacity to make it direct in helping clients with an exhaustive comprehension of ideas.

We clearly comprehend which job the tips play in the existence of an exam and subsequently guaranteed that this component works well inside the application.

To assist clients with keening on advancing pretty much each and everything connected with the test, we worked with downloading of books to make the collaboration as quick as could truly be anticipated.

We definitively empowered this and integrated it so clients can select into a one-on-one summation of the communication related to testing learnings with committed people who want to dive into the OSCE for Children’s Nurses meant for IELTS app.

Our Approach

When we spread out the site's development through wireframes, the opportunity arrived to live it up by applying our purposeful styles to them. During the arrangement stage, we applied the late-picked tones, printed styles, and imagery styles to the site to provide a distinctive look, accept, and clear a path for solid areas for a great application to be prepared.

App Screens

The application was uniquely founded on the efficient preparation of how the progress ought to occur between screens, making the entire application liberated from bugs or blunders. We included modules for the site, giving us a plan and improvement of features on each page. This allowed us to create an application the way the client required it, without impediments, and get the app created which we facilitated to manage the OSCE for Children's Nurses during the IELTS test.

Client Need

We planned with our client to isolate the test course material with the master meetings and courses face to face that came in. Hence, the arrangement of the test went to people with all the OSCE material for Children's Nurses intended to prepare for the IELTS test.

While testing the application, we expected to guarantee everything was working precisely. We built a new application that will be the best approach to helping the end clients with preparation speed with a practical and versatile application via a straightforward design.

Our Solution

We guaranteed detailed course material for planning for OSCE for Children's Nurses IELTS test, and it was smooth to look at. We attempted the application on various devices to ensure accessibility and straightforwardness with all the course material available inside the app.

Before going live, we reviewed our client's requirements to guarantee everything was set up for the live launch. When we started the interaction, we moved to make the application live for aspirant students to plan for the IELTS test for OSCE Children's Nurses exam prep.