Portfolio Overview

Made a web-based space for a hair and skin transplant clinic in light of the needs of hair and skin problems.

We went for a nice-looking website for client Musk Clinic to offer their hair and skin-related services in an eye catchy manner.

About Website

The website has been built in a manner such that as a potential visitor visits the homepage of the page, there is a lot of information to absorb related to the services. With eye-pleasing color and easy-to-go-around navigation tabs, one can peek inside services with ease by simply clicking the tabs.

Online chat help is made available right there, one can connect with an AI chatbot to get started with the preliminary assistance. The website has all the info related to all the hair and skin-related services with the banner telling it all.

Standard Features

It turned out to be a well-planned website encompassing all the necessary things a website should be having. What exactly the website had can be found in the below features.

A versatile responsive site with an outright grand client experience for all site visitors.

Elements and components including CTAs are well placed on respective site pages for quick visibility.

It is so natural to check out what individual pages have with a strikingly natural visual design of items.

Absolutely easy to understand layout to locate the respective hair and skin problem-related solution with ease of navigation.

Request for a consultation immediately on chat without really going through the requesting contact form.

It is so natural to arrange a site in a manner such that the point of interaction assists in navigating easily.

Development Methodology We Took on

This is how we prepare for each and every project From website upkeep to help, method, plan, design, development, testing, and so on, we took the necessary steps to help a site sustain for an absolutely long time even after its life. We guaranteed a deliberate brand creation with services as per the actual clinic requirements and post-delivery progress simple to handle.

Client's Need

After a detailed conversation with a client, we realize that the client was searching for a website that can create awareness for hair and skin problems among those who were yet not aware of what it is. They were stunned by our assistance in constructing a site capable enough to offer openness and responsiveness.

They needed things like all the services to get covered and most importantly an informative website. They furthermore wanted to aware site visitors with information that is comprehensive yet simple enough to digest.

Our Solution

With a creative and imaginative goal, Glasier Inc helped Musk Clinic in drawing a site equipped for acquiring hair and skin problems affected patient base. We did improvise at each period of development, as we walked through the needs of a client for a site with everything set right allowing users to seek for required information.

We did so by building a site that not just showcased what kind of treatments to anticipate with the clinic but addition, the site was lucid enough to use. Simultaneously, the site was the way to make it feasible for patients to opt for the respective treatment with ease without getting lost in quite a huge complex site.