Portfolio Overview

Get details of smart places and people managed in one place.

KeyZane is an application suggested for all those who have a lot of smart locations to handle in terms of who the people associated with details.

About App

The application truly helps oversee the details of people for essential assistance connected with buildings or properties. The application deals with the smart home smart office, and lots more using a number of taps for effortlessness and solace. The application further sees the necessities and prerequisites of satisfying the holes in the fundamental personal details with the application helping easily of purpose. It contains going after the smallest details possible, checking up on the tenant details, and other things.

Standard Features

There are a lot of smart applications in the market for storing smart details, but not a great considerable lot of them truly give a tendency to work as per accessibility and permeability. There are things making this application important to take a look at with staggering components. We started with a one-on-one conversation to set up the right justification for making standard endpoints of a client met

When the application gets set and rolling, there are multiple categories displayed with smart categories to choose from

There are a lot of documents that can be uploaded in the app related to construction business whether property or land purchase agreements, municipal corporation agreements, and more.

Upload assets related to building and construction according to the prerequisites of the underlying assets.

The application consolidates strong code, giving shape to the iOS application. We did this by remembering Swift for the improvement stage permitting us to plan an application for Application Store high on looks and execution fronts.

Choose from among a set of layouts to have the required personal details of people stored with ease.

The app facilitates the uploading of provisional items or documents with utmost ease.

The app facilitates details of tenants to be uploaded inside the app related to the building and construction.

The application incorporates the Android SDK stage to make code and give shape to an Android application. Since there are such a colossal number of utilizations present on the Play Store, making an application that improves on the participation and speedy being used was basic.

Development Methodology We Adopted

With a thought for learning about the decisions, we have made the application to help with crucial assumptions expected while dealing with an application that with a choice to help with getting help with terms of smart handling of categories as fast as an ordinary issue.

App Screens

Give a brief glance at the different application screens inside the application making it all possible to develop a smart app for smart categories that assist with an ideal application offering everything. The app offers help to such an extent that engages with an app helping people to store details of smart home, smart office, and a lot to offer.

Client’s Need

The client required a general application with a lot of smart categories handling building and construction-related details and documents inside the application while sufficing the storage needs. They expected help related to the storage of building and construction-related storage needs.

Our Solution

There needed an app that would help with storing details through a solitary application that can manage and smoothen out with a seamless assessment on a central level without any problem. Through the app, we guarantee straightforwardness for keeping details secured and safe within the app and accessible at any given point in the app with details available on call documents and details available within the app.