Portfolios Overview

Helping possible students to prep for IELTS to be a healthcare professional

It is a consistent application, expected to serve potential students with fundamental IELTS exam preparation and resources to prepare for the medical tests.

About App

The application effectively plans for IELTS evaluations wherein potential students get access to video courses and other study material. The application covers many things to prepare to be a specialist with thorough consideration of all connected with a medical course. The application further sees the necessities, basics, and various aspects of an IELTS course and test.

Standard Features

What functionalities to expect? The application worked in a way that it helps a medical student go through all the material and thorough course with IELTS tests, which is what it had. The application is made so that it helps promptly with the video material, books, and master online courses.

Heaps of mock tests are open for students to test with their IELTS planning availability.

Students can choose to go with so many video courses to make the cycle instinctive.

Assuming that students profoundly want to connect with any of the IELTS authorities, they can do it through the application.

There are different key things to recollect, one can record while anticipating tests.

Despite video courses, students can download a variety of IELTS books.

Basically, book a one-on-one in-person IELTS course to prepare for turning into a specialist doctor.

Our Approach

With an assumption for learning about the IELTS tests thoroughly, we allowed our clients to help us with a brief and essential discussion concerning how an application be set up. This supported us in clearing out the chance of obstacles related to manual evaluations and, in addition, guaranteed an ideal application accomplishing aggressive resources for helping students become healthcare specialists through IELTS.

App Screens

We glimpse the various screens we made for the application making it all conceivable to make arrangements for IELTS exam preparation by investigating between courses, directions, mock tests, and much more. They required assistance gathering all the IELTS course material to prepare for the test. Through this application, we guaranteed exactness in assessment and exercises with IELTS prep while making it easier for students to plan for IELTS tests.

Client’s Need

As an ed-tech client, we helped them manage students looking for IELTS-related resources for study. They required something as an application that offers a ton that might be of some value inside the application while speeding up the entrance exam preparation by employing mock tests and resources. There is so much assessment and study material needed by students inside the application, which was the main concern for clients to manage without help from anyone else.

Our Solution

There was an absence of a solid application that smoothens out IELTS assessment and video courses with a lot more to opt for. Regardless, it expected more than just the right application to succeed, which is the very thing we achieved by including everything possible surrounding IELTS. We started with a one-on-one conversation to perceive study material, courses, tests, and expert mentoring to extend a student's typical review cutoff points.