Portfolio Overview

IAVDL events to announce and gather doctors across the country

Everything begins from getting on the landing page to having the required information made available to dermatologists and other doctors, with the site passing what is to be conveyed. There ought to be an optimal usable site for that tending to change necessities. We keep into account the requirements of doctors across the country to look at events whenever they take place.

About Website

The site results from the much-planned site with data set up with a friendly-looking Ui/Ux for overall results. Notwithstanding, the site is built so that dermatologists and other doctors would see a place for checking out events or communicating with others. We expected to give an exceptionally well-constructed site with an easy-to-deal understanding of site pages.

Standard Features

We assisted our client with the most state-of-the-art sites assisting doctors in the form of visitors with a simple to utilize the site. Our vast experience and movement enable our client to have doctors association qualities integrated into an area. The site is steady across pages, essentially being less frustrating and maintained for a particular tech stack making it easier for doctors to surf.

Much time is spent in considering a site that features the necessities of the dermatologists association regardless of how things are analyzed through the site.

This is a perfect and straightforward site with a moderate number of CTAs present to a minimalistic level.

We guaranteed the site can be moved around impeccably through good use of configuration setup.

The site has been made up of the use of HTML/CSS to write code and give structure to the same.

We have the site sorted to a degree with the objective that various pieces of a site are connected in a way permitting individuals to scan pages.

We surely guarantee the site is not difficult to consume by site guests with an exceedingly less number of CTAs across pages.

The site is made in a way with a definitive objective that doctors know about the medical events or announcements as posted by the IADVL association.

The site did make use of CodeIgnitor in the backend for making a website and dynamic web pages making use of this tech framework within PHP.

Development Methodology

Our Approach

Our primary goal has been to feature our IADVL client before with an impossibly simple look-at site meant to make doctors surf through the area with information available on every page. With the predictability of information available at each stage, irrespective of wherein a doctor lands, we ensure the site is offsetting the information to the maximum possible extent so that doctors are informed at all times.

Website Pages

Site visitors need help consuming information on the site, and we handle this issue with individual pages for clarity to the place where clients can survey the area. Each page conveys a bewildering look and feels, making it more straightforward for individuals to assess through the fundamental development, to make site pages easy to investigate.

Client Need

IADVL is a site that is fundamentally data-driven and designed across the explored pages in general. The site has content incorporating client interest with site experiences and an encounter supported best matches as per the client's expectations based on the occasion, level, and information to be consumed.

Our Solution

We conveyed a great site with a predictable quality permitting us to make and communicate encounters speedier continually, and that is just the beginning. With a sharp site contact point, doctors consisting of dermatologists, venereologists, and leprologists can have a practical sense of the website and what to look at without any issues to deal with.