Portfolios Overview

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A pivotal piece of our revelation zeroed in on how to proceed with the website design and development plan process. We could deeply study the range of activities that formed our plan approach. At the meeting stage, we had the liberty of knowing who our client was, to be prepared and hop into a methodology followed by wireframing and prototyping.

About Site

The website of Crest Property aims to characterize their principal services of cleaning, leasing, staffing, and property management right at their commercial epicenter. We were developing everything from the earliest stage we expected to zero in our endeavors to arrange a practical and straightforward to-utilize Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The people at Crest Property brought a lot of astounding insights to the discussion table, helping us assemble a website and act as a guide to assist visitors with services.

Standard Features

During the design and development stages, we centered a ton of our focus on the inner service pages and the outer homepage. The point of arrival on the homepage with detailing in the service pages was planned for exemplary commitment and communication. The objective herein was to acquaint guests with the motivation to surf around and look through accessible things on the site.

Development Methodology

Our Approach

We could code a captivating-looking layout while building the site, beginning with a custom homepage to all the other website pages. Assuming the visitor needs a lot of information, they could snap to extend open on the main pages. To message our client or make a buy, guests can tap on a button, taking them to the detail page.

Site Pages

When the site was constructed, we ultimately tried it utilizing various programs, cell phones, workstations, and work areas. When we were sure there were no technical issues, we prepared the client for the site and permitted them to go through their round of testing and conclude content on the site. Once complete, we were ready to take place live.

Client Need

Our client did want everything to be done by us right from conceptualization to planning, creating, and sending off the site to a live state, which was quite tricky for them. However, the outcome is something to be glad for! With practically no past site, we had to ensure that whosoever guests land upon the site would be influenced before they bounce off. Every component supports communication and pulls visitors into a more profound website outlook for detailed info .

Our Solution

We performed our part responsibly by adding the required usefulness and elements accessible on the site, which has been met with a positive response from clients. With a bright future in front of them, our client is more than prepared for its time at the center of attention, and we provided this option to go through a favored time in front of a global audience. We delivered a real estate solution with best-in-class solutions offered.