Portfolios Overview

We work and educate others for social causes

CosmicPanacea.org is the site wherein we plainly introduce the advantages of donations or charities while enabling the whole user experience pretty easier.

About Website

Our client was a delightful organization with a magnificent approach to tackling social causes of education, donations, charities, taking care of others, and whatnot, and their site had to be such so that they can reach out to potential corporates and individuals for a philanthropic move. Henceforth, the website had to be a composition of storytelling and simplicity, making an association with the ideal interested group of people that made things easier to understand for all.

Standard Features

We ensured a website with the right amount of optimization as a large number of pages had to be explored by people going through the website. We tackled this issue by adding the essential keywords so that the site is effortlessly tracked down by possible people believing in social initiatives or corporate social responsibilities (CSRs).

A flexibly responsive site with awesome client experience allowing for a good view across all screen sizes.

It was important for individual site pages to accommodate imagery for sketching a social character and making a move.

The individual pages had to have strikingly natural pictures of social initiatives done by our client for raising awareness.

It is a quite basic design to show charity or donation solutions for people to act upon.

The site had not just been looking good but exploring around the site structure had to be easier.

The site is worked upon with ease so that tons of things help in assisting with moving around the site easily.

Development Methodology

The Methodology We Undertook

Every website page has a narrative of how we covered up through client meetings and discussions to attempt further in developing the page plan for drawing more consideration and concentration to that specific end client experience we were aiming for. We as the development partner ensured that our website was pretty unadulterated with content that is likewise practical.

Website Pages

From time and time, both our front-end and back-end arrangements took shape in a linear fashion, making it smooth for us to work out a website exactly as per client needs and that is what is reflected in the site pages. The pages of a site had to be such so that it takes people through the site in a systematic fashion.

Client’s Need

The client wanted to further develop a website with a front-end showcasing all social initiatives they have been involved in and likewise have that conveyed to end users in the most simpler manner possible. Without visitors entering a site and don’t understand the full intent of what is being conveyed, making it is all a troublesome errand to deal with.

Our Solution

With restricted conventional thoughts, we comprehended how existing clientele benefits could make enhancements in a brief time frame and clearly convey what's in store with the underlying objectives of a site being fulfilled. As more and more people flock to the website due to an increased awareness resulting in increased participation in the social initiatives taking place.