Portfolios Overview

Helping aspiring nurses on the way to cracking CBT as a part of IELTS

It is an application to serve potential nurses to crack for CBT during IELTS exams with key test planning assets to be prepared for the computer test.

About App

The application makes arrangements for CBT course material and assessment wherein potential users gain admittance to video courses and other review material. The application covers many things to prepare as a nurse or nurture computer skills associated with clinical IELTS. The application further sees CBT as related to necessities, essentials, and different things of a CBT course and test. The application is made so that it helps quickly with the video material, books, and expert web-based courses.

Standard Features

What are the tentative functionalities to anticipate? The application helps a possible nurse wannabe in going through the material and specific course with CBT and IELTS tests is what it had.

Piles of IELTS mock tests are open for nurses to test with their CBT preparation accessibility.

Applicants can decide to go with so many CBT video courses to make the cycle instinctual.

One significantly needs to associate with any of the CBT experts, and they can do it through the application.

There are different key things to remember, one can record while expecting CBT IELTS tests.

Notwithstanding video courses, competitors can download an assortment of CBT books.

This is where one can have their CBT computer skills rectified and recorded, be it knowledge or syntax, getting nurses ready.

Our Approach

With a presumption for finding out about the CBT tests completely, we permitted our client to assist us with a brief and fundamental conversation concerning how an application be set up. This upheld us in getting out the opportunity free from obstructions related to manual assessments and ensured an ideal application achieving assets for assisting clients in becoming subject matter experts.

App Screens

Have a brief look at the different screens we made for the application making it all possible to make CBT test readiness by plunging into courses, material, mock tests, and substantially more. They expected our help accumulating CBT course material to plan for the test. Through this application, we ensured precision in evaluation, and practices with CBT prep, while making it simpler for end users to anticipate CBT tests.

Client’s Need

We assisted our client with dealing with the potential people who search to score for CBT IELTS-related assets for study. They required something as an application that offers tons inside the application while accelerating the CBT test through mock tests and assets. There is much evaluation and study material required by current or future nurses inside the application, which was a real worry for clients to oversee without assistance from any other person.

Our Solution

There was a shortfall of a strong application that smoothens out CBT evaluation and video courses with significantly more to select from. Notwithstanding, it hoped for something other than simply a right application to succeed, which is what we accomplished by including all that within reach encompassing Computer Based Test (CBT). We began with a one-on-one discussion to see concentrate on the material, courses, tests, and master tutoring for expanding the endpoints of a user.