Portfolio Overview

It aims to help midwives aspirants to crack CBT in IELTS

It is an application to serve anticipated midwives to prepare for CBT during IELTS tests with all resources there to be ready for the Computer based test.

About App

The application truly makes up for CBT course material for prospective midwives wherein potential users gain induction to video courses and other audit material. The application covers a lot of things to prepare as a medical caretaker for gaining CBT abilities with clinical IELTS. The application further sees the CBT related to necessities, fundamentals, and things of a CBT course and test.

Standard Features

What are the speculative functionalities to expect? The application helps potential end users or midwives to excel in going through the material and thorough courses with CBT and IELTS tests is what it has. The application is made so it helps rapidly with the video material, books, and master courses to check.

Heaps of IELTS mock tests are open for midwives to test with their CBT readiness availability.

Candidates can choose to go with so many CBT video courses to make the cycle instinctual.

One essentially has to connect with a CBT expert, and they can do it through the application.

There are different key things to recollect, one can record while expecting CBT IELTS tests.

Despite video courses, wherein one can download a combination of CBT books.

This is where one can have their CBT abilities corrected and recorded, be it information or punctuation, preparing users.

Our Approach

With an assumption of learning about the CBT tests totally, we allow our clients to help us with a brief and basic discussion concerning how an application is set up. This helped us in manual evaluations and moreover guarantee an ideal app for helping clients in becoming an apt authority.

App Screens

Have a concise look at the various screens we made for the application making it all conceivable to make a CBT test by diving into courses, material, mock tests, and much more. They anticipated that our assistance can gather CBT course material to make arrangements for the test. Through this application, we guaranteed accuracy in assessment, course material with CBT preparation, and simplifying it for users to deal with CBT tests.

Client’s Need

The client needed our help managing the potential midwives who search to score for CBT IELTS-related resources for study. They required something as an application that offers tons inside the application while speeding up CBT tests through mock tests and resources. This is a particularly extraordinary arrangement assessment and study material expected by current or future midwives cracking CBT IELTS inside the application, which was a major concern for clients to direct without help from some other individual.

Our Solution

There was a deficit of a solid application that smoothens out CBT assessment and video courses for midwives with essentially more to choose from. In any case, the client expected something different than just the right application to succeed and that is what we achieved by reaching out to an app having all that it required to crack Computer Based Test (CBT). We started with a one-on-one conversation to see a focus on material, courses, tests, and expert coaching for extending the ordinary requirements of a client.