Google Ads Management

Google Adwords is an advertising platform by Google in which an advertiser can target specific keywords. User searches a particular keyword which matches the advertiser’s bid, and the advertisement gets showed up in the search results before the organic search results.

In a highly competitive market, AdWords search engine pages and provide some real-time conversions for your business. Google AdWords platform should be used with a specific budget and with the result-oriented agenda.

Display Network Ads

Google’s display network is a broad selection of websites that allow advertisers to promote their business in a variety of formats, which include :

Text ads

The ads on the search network are identical in size to the text ads, but they are displayed across the partner websites network.

Image ads

These visually appealing ads that allow you to use images on the display network to get people to click your websites.

Video ads

Most trending ads of 2019 were video ads. Video ads are similar to rich media ads, but to play a video directly, it also can be embedded.

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